1. Being a member of the Old Mill Village Homeowners’ Association is not an option. Every home or condominium must belong.

2. You cannot have a fence in Old Mill Village unless you have a built in pool.

3. You cannot have a storage shed or other exterior buildings.

4. You cannot have an above ground pool.

5. Commercial vehicles must be parked in your garage, not your driveway.

6. You cannot store a boat, camper or RV on your property for more than 6 days at a time.

7. If you are buying a condominium in Valley Forge Condominium Association, you will also become a member of our association. Please note that there are two associations with a separate assessment for each. With Old Mill Village your assessment is currently $325 year and is due in May.

8. Number 7 above also applies if you live in Old Mill Villas.

9. Your assessment must be paid in order to use our pool or other association facilities.

10. Neglecting to pay your assessment will result in a lien being placed on your property, the cost of which is typically $600 including court and legal fees.

11. You must have the boards written approval for any improvements, additions or decks that you plan to make to your property. Improvements not approved by board subject to legal action